Sabine-Neches Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc.

     On behalf of the Sabine-Neches RC&D Council, I would like to express my appreciation for your ongoing support for the significant environmental and conservation mission you continue to carry out.  Our board members represent the eight counties in the Sabine-Neches which are Smith, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Panola, Upshur, Wood and Van Zandt.  The RC&D council advises, plans, implements and develops programs which ensure the wise use of funds that are intended to protect the environment and its natural resources for current and future generations.  Some of the sources of funds for our Council’s projects come from:  Sabine River Authority, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), environmental enforcement fines, the participation of county and city governments, local Soil & Water Conservation Districts and sponsors.

We have just completed a very successful household hazardous waste collection event in Gregg County.  With this correct disposal of household hazardous waste it has prevented the spread of chemicals in our soil, air and water.  When HHW ends up in landfills, it can leech out and contaminate our soil and groundwater.  We have also completed the installation of a wastewater treatment system in Henderson County.  Currently we are in the process of planning for waste water treatment systems in parts of Gregg, Harrison, Smith, and Upshur counties.

We have limited state funds for other worthwhile projects like disposing of abandoned tires, illegal trash dump cleanup and septic system replacement.  If you have these types of environmental problems, then please contact me or your county RC&D representative and we will look for solutions.


R. Darryl Primo, Chairman

Sabine-Neches RC&D