In 2015 we continued our support of the Mineola Wildlife Preserve and Mineola “Big Foot” Paddling Trail by using grant funds to buy a boat to help clear trees from the Sabine River and to be used in emer-gency rescue missions as well.



The boat will be stored on the property under the control of the Refuge Manager and one of our board members. The Refuge is a regional asset and attendance is growing every month and has a very positive economic impact on the City of Mineola.


Abandoned Tires are a growing issue in East Texas.  We were able to use Supplemental Environment Program (SEP) funds to clean up abandoned tire sites in Van Zandt and Harrison counties.


SEP funds used to repair or replace failing septic systems in Rusk and Gree Counties.


School buses travel about four billion miles each year, providing the safest transportation to and from school for more than 25 million American children every day. However, diesel exhaust from these buses has a negative impact on human health, especially for children who have a faster breathing rate than adults and whose lungs are not yet fully developed.